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Stories and articles which were news but not any more

In reverse chronological order ( Most recent at the top)



5 May 2010

Litter Pick - 27 March

Bags, litter pick-up sticks and hi-viz clothing will be provided. Wear sturdy shoes and you MUST wear gloves.
Children must be accompanied by an adult; so excellent fun for ALL the family! More Pictures

Chiddingfold Parish Council - The Banking House - The Green - Chiddingfold - Surrey - GU8 4TU Ex


5 May 2010

Lambing open day Sunday 21st March , 10am to 4:00pm
Proceeds to Haiti Earthquake orphans.

Prestwick Farm, Chiddingfold, Surrey GU8 4XP - 01428 654695 - 07966 452256 - - - More pictures

Febuary 5, 2010

Fire at Woodside Road Vets On Tuesday January 6

Here are 2 pictures


January 31, 2010

Chiddingfold in the Snow - The night of Tuesday January 6 it started to snow

Here are some pictures of the following week.


14 January , 2010

The Chiddingfold Tipteerers Reality Show! Sunday 27th December 2009

Press Relase afterwards a - - - Here


21 December, 2009

Two hundred more police constables planned for Surrey

TWO hundred more visible police constables could be policing Surrey’s streets as part of plans being developed by the Chief Constable to meet the demands of local people. They will be used to increase the local neighbourhood policing teams and add further numbers to the Operation Shield campaign, keeping London criminals out of Surrey by fighting organised crime gangs who operate across Force boundaries - - More


27 November 2009

The Chiddingfold Bonfire Saturday 7th November 2009

You can’t get any more 'real' than a live performance of the original and traditional Chiddingfold Tipteerer’s Play coming to a pub near you in Chiddingfold again this Xmas!

Having found an old script and account of a traditional 'Tipteerers' play, that was performed in Chiddingfold circa 1860, a few chaps got together in 2003 to resurrect the tradition. - - Here


9 November 2009

The Chiddingfold Tipteerers Reality Show! Sunday 27th December 2009

You can’t get any more 'real' than a live performance of the original and traditional Chiddingfold Tipteerer’s Play coming to a pub near you in Chiddingfold again this Xmas!

Having found an old script and account of a traditional 'Tipteerers' play, that was performed in Chiddingfold circa 1860, a few chaps got together in 2003 to resurrect the tradition. - - Here

2 October 2009

Summer Show Report Saturday 20 June 2009

On Saturday 20 June the Village Hall was transformed between 7 am and 10 am into a 'Bower of Flowers' together with various vegetables and fruits. There were 7 large totem poles, decorated wellingtons and paintings produced by children as well as photographs, cooking exhibits and handicrafts. - - Here

26 July 2009

Village Festival Sunday 12 June

Pictures - - Here

26 July 2009

I’ve written many pieces in our Parish magazine
about our bells; at St Mary’s Chiddingfold.

By now I hope you appreciate that we have a very special legacy in these bells, and I do hope that the village is a much better place for having them. (It would be a very sad thing to NOT have them surely!)

May 15, 2009

Saturday 4 th April 10 am - 12 noon By the forge

Thanks to a good turnout of local volunteers, loads of old rubbish was collected from the verges and ditches in the 11th Annual Litter Blitz, organized by the Parish Council in partnership with ChiddGreen on Saturday 4th April.


Two men have been arrested in connection with an
attempted robbery n Haslemere on Thursday, 5 March.

The offenders used a sledgehammer to smash the window of French’s Jewellers in the High Street at around 11.45am, but after failing to steal any valuables they made off in a silver Audi along the A287 towards Farnham.
"If you were in Haslemere prior to the incident or saw the attempted robbery and the subsequent getaway please call us. Similarly call Surrey Police if you saw a silver Audi being driven erratically along the A287 or A31."

Anyone with information about this incident is urged to call Surrey Police on 0845 125 2222 ,
or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111

December 18, 2008

Reward offered following robbery at Thomas Cook, Haslemere

A £5,000 reward is being offered for information leading to arrest and conviction following the armed robbery at Thomas Cook, High Street, Haslemere last Wednesday (10 December).
The travel agent has offered the reward in the hope that someone will come forward and identify the pair responsible for the incident, during which two members of staff were threatened with guns.

Black BMW estate believed to have been used by the offenders. The vehicle, registration number RJ04 MWY,

      More -

10th -12th October 2008

2008 Art and Craft Exhibition

Sponsored by Chiddingfold Watercolour Group
The fourth Art and Craft Exhibition was supported by thirty local artists and crafts people from Chiddingfold this year.
This event had over 340 entries, the largest exhibition so far.

Photos taken at Exhibition       - Click Here

Sunday 8 June

Chiddingfold Festival

11-30 to 4-30

Around 2000 people attended the 2008 Chiddingfold Village Festival on Sunday 8 June,
which was held on a perfect summer’s day which set the scene for a lovely Village Day.

Festival 2008

Sunday 20th April 2008

Saint George's Day

Tipteering Play

12   Noon The Swan
1-15   The Winterton Arms       - Pictures

14 April 2008

English Rural Housing Association Affordable Homes Built in Chiddingfold
Story published June 10, 2008
Pictures of houses being built     -   Click here
Full press relase of ERHA.     -   Click here
Edited (shortened) Press relase     -   Click here

March 22, 2008

Lambing Day         At Prestwick Farm

Sunday 16th March

More Sheep pictures       - Click Here

21st September 2007

Story Published 5 October 2008

2007 Art and Craft Exhibition

Chiddingfold ART & CRAFT Exhibition
The aim of the annual Chiddingfold Art & Craft Exhibition is to promote local,
amateur art and craft from in and around Chiddingfold.
The 3rd exhibition will be held in 2007 on 21st September 8.00pm —10.00pm Invited Guests only
22nd September 10.00am —5.00pm

Photos taken at Exhibition       - Click Here

June 25, 2007

Chiddingfold Festival Sunday 10 June 2007

Words and Pictures of Stalls       - Click Here

The Chiddingfold Tipteerers will again


The St George's Day Play

Adedum to Story Below !
Recived Thursday April 12, 2007

Having had it pointed out that Monday nights are not likely to be well attended !
It makes most sense to perform to an audience that will be present, so we've plumped for..........
performance Sunday afternoon, 2.30pm/3pm,22nd April 2007 same venue

Happily, it is getting more difficult not to notice the significance of 23rd April!

There are parades and festivities around the county to mark our patron saint’s day and to celebrate our nationality and Englishness. (We seem to be catching up with the Scots, Irish and Welsh in this respect!)

Again, The Crown P.H. will host the company. Monday evening visitors will, I hope, be quite pleased to witness the show! If all goes well, the performance will be at around 9pm, a tune or two after this brief theatre, to further entertain, and a pleasant evening will be had by all!
--     Click Here

March 14, 2007 April 9, 2007

Lambing Day

At Prestwick Farm

Press Relase - afterwards

Sunday 18 th March

Mothers day took on a whole new meaning at Prestwick farm when 45 babies were born on Sunday. The annual charity open day was the most successful ever held, when around 1300 people watched as the newborn lambs arrived throughout the day.

Over £3000 pounds were raised on behalf of the Tall Ships Youth Trust which is dedicated to the personal developement of young people through the crewing of tall ships. All young people can benefit from a voyage

  -   - Click here

Prestwick Farm, Prestwick Lane, Chiddingfold is holding its annual `Lambing Open Day` (10am -4.00pm) on Sunday March 18th,  which also happens to be Mothering Sunday! Prestwick (see website ) is a working farm running 600 breeding ewes, some of which will be lambing on the day. Visitors will be able to view all aspects of lambing, from --     Click Here


Tree of Faith, Hope and Love - - - on The Green - - -
    came down finally on Saturday 6 th January
    more pictures     Click Here

The Chiddingfold Tiptearers Play was seen on
    Wednesday 27th December 2006
    pictures outside pubs     Click Here

Having been officially recognised by the real Green Day and their management
Green Dayz are considered the number one Greenday tribute band in the world     Click here

The Chiddingfold Tiptearers Play

15 .12. 2006
To be performed on Wednesday 27th December 2006
throughout the village We had such a good time last Christmas,
(and I’m sure that the large number of people at the various public houses that witnessed our first performances did likewise);     More



Not at all unusual for an incumbent Rector to become a parent -
but surely a ‘first’ for a Rector to give birth?

Rev’d Sarah Brough of St Mary’s Church, Chiddingfold became a mother to a fine baby boy on 13th December.
To wish her good health prior to the birth and in celebration of the happy event, much ringing of the Church bells took place at Chiddingfold!     More

Tree of Faith, Hope and Love

This Years Charities are Phyllis Tuckwell Hospice in Farnham
The Tall Ships Youth Trust - giving youngsters the opportunity of a lifetime
and thirdly MacMillan Cancer Relief     Click here


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