Chiddingfoldnews 21.12.2006


Green Dayz

In 1994 California punk trio Green Days took a grunge-obsessed music scene by complete surprise with their major-labled debut album Dookie which jumped-started a new punk revolution and went on to sell well over ten million copies

    Many albums and countless world tours on Green Day led by guitarist and singer Bill Joe Armstrong have ,with their rock opera album American Idol not only topped the charts in no less than 11 countries including U S A and UK but gathered major Grammy Awards and unanimous critical acclaim

Having been officially recognised by the real Green Day and their management
Green Dayz are considered the number one Greenday tribute band in the world
Quoting leading rock critic Matt Flemming A capacity crowd for Green Dayz moshed to 'Basketcase' and 'American Idol' ,swayed to 'slowies' like ;Time of your life' and then banged out again to blasters like 'Minority'

In singer Gavin Munn they have a very convincing Billy Joel with as much charisma and certainly as much stage presence    A truly rocking night
    In an almost two hour show you will hear one classic after another which has excited audiences at festivals and universities all over Great Britain and the rest of Europe
All net profits being donated to Guildford and Waverley Cruse bereavement care

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