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The Bonfire 7th November 2009

The 2009 bonfire was a great success with the rain holding off until the very last minute. The bell ringers did a great job warming the crowd ready for the torchlight procession. The fireworks were better than ever with the crescendo lighting up most of Surrey. The Bonfire burned until morning and a good time was had by all.
2 Chiddingfold Bonfire muga  celebrating 150 years
Mugs not for sale

Monday 2 November

Pictures On 7 November

Bonfire on the morning of 7 November   people getting ready on the 7 November
Bonfire and setting up

Pig on spit roast  Beer Tent going up
Preperations for roast pig     And Beer Tent

Traffic control at junction  A283 Woodside Road   lose up of people on road block

Selling tourches at the school  
Selling tourches at the school     and tourch light procession

Tourch light procession
Tourch light procession 1.5 second exposure

Fireworks and fun fair
by Rob Terry


One week later sign of sponsore AXTELL comes down

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