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Not at all unusual for an incumbent Rector to become a parent -
but surely a ‘first’ for a Rector to give birth?

Rev’d Sarah Brough of St Mary’s Church, Chiddingfold became a mother to a fine baby boy on 13th December.
To wish her good health prior to the birth and in celebration of the happy event, much ringing of the Church bells took place at Chiddingfold!

Sarah is a great supporter of ringing and her ringers, and has always been pleased to hear the bells rung for any occasion, and has been particularly pleased to hear them ringing out in celebration; such as when, just recently, the news that the new Parish Room project had been granted planning permission. (The bell ringing practice was in full swing as she received a telephone call to announce the news!)

Five separate Quarter Peals have been rung to celebrate the occasion;-


25th November, Chiddingfold.
1344 Plain Bob Triples.

1. Jennifer Hepburn
2. Anne Patterson
3. Barbara Chevis
4. Jan Fowler
5. Nigel Thomas
6. John Cowburn
7. Nick Mac Mahon ©
8. Graham Fowler

25th November, Chiddingfold
1280 Plain Bob Major

1. Anne Patterson
2. Barbara Chevis
3. Jan Fowler
4. Jennifer Hepburn
5. Graham Fowler
6. Nigel Thomas
7. John Cowburn
8. Nick McMahon ©

8th December, Chiddingfold.
Plain Bob Triples

1. Lynda Davis
2. Alan Edwards. (1st triples )
3. Nick Haggett
4. Ian P. Hastilow
5. John Cowburn
6. Vic Bradford
7. Jonathan Deane ©
8. Paul Kerry.

9th December, Chiddingfold.
1280 Cambridge Surprise Major

1. Jonathan Deane
2. Nick Haggett
3. Nick MacMahon
4. John Cowburn
5. Nigel Thomas
6. Samantha George
7. Richard Burton ©
8. Mark Gill

9th December, Alfold.
1260 Plain Bob Minor

1. Hayley Ringrose (1st treble
2. John Cowburn
3. Jan Fowler (1st in method)
4. Jennifer Hepburn
5. Graham Fowler (1st in method)
6. Nick McMahon ©

© Conductor;
Bell ringers 8th December 2006
Bell ringers 9th December 2006

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Good Health and Happy Christmas to Sarah, Christopher and baby Joseph.


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