August 7, 2015

Life Style!
For modern country living & other things

Pictures of nice houses in magazines is not how to live: riding horses is a hobby

Hints and tips to live in modern Surrey
might get a recipiet for road kill !

So far only one article from Surrey County Council on saving food

If the power goes off, or in the cold ... read this before

Jane Dunn Holistic Masseur

Jane Dunn Link Here

Massage is beneficial for many things including stress, anxiety, insomnia and muscular problems.
Also massage improved circulation therefore bringing oxygen and nutrients to the bones.
I am a mobile masseur able to carry out a treatment in comfort of your home or in the therapy room situated in Haslemere.
    ITEC and VTCT Qualified

Have a sizzling and safe barbecue

Barbecue   be food safe follow these tips from the Food Standards Agency

Barbie Food Safety

Books by local Author John Belchamber

A Chidd Boy's Memories       The Belchambers from the parishes of Northchapel and Kirdford

Fresh Veg Shop in Haslemere

The Veg Stall will be in Wey Hill Haslemere Every Saturday 9am to 1pm
As Ellis Food Services of Haslemere are the leading distributor of fresh produce to restaurants, hotels, schools, and health care facilities in the area,
what they sell in their shop on Saturday mornings is fresh.