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What could you do with an extra £50 a month in 2011?

The Surrey Waste Partnership has been running Surrey's own Love Food Hate Waste campaign since May 2010,
aiming to raise awareness of the need to reduce food waste in the county.

£12 billion worth of food and drink goes to waste in the UK every year,
so the Love Food Surrey campaign aims to show families how they could save up to £50 a month on their food shopping bill,
simply by cutting down on throwing away food.
We could all enjoy an extra bit of cash after the mad spending at Christmas and reduce the amount of good food being thrown away.
This doesn't mean cutting down on indulgence and fun.
If anything, having a well-planned year will leave us with more money in our purses and more time to enjoy ourselves.
Why not pledge to waste less food and save more money?
For inspiration, check out Love Food Surrey's new celebrity leftover cookbook. Surrey's famous faces are supporting Surrey Waste Partnership's waste campaign by sharing their leftovers recipes in a new cookbook. Stars including Strictly Come Dancing's Flavia Cacace and BBC sports presenter Gary Lineker, have contributed recipes. Download a copy of the cookbook at www.lovefoodsurrey.com or email felicity.stanbridge@surreycc.gov.uk to request a free copy.

Check out our top tips for a greener 2011:

Get healthier
1. Increase your vegetables in your meal planning e.g. by adding some peas into your pasta sauce it will be healthier and more fulfilling.
2. Cut down on saturated fat like butter, lard or margarine and use alternatives like olive oil.
3. Buy less biscuits and cakes and make your own - this way you can control the amount of sugar in your diet and it will easier on the waistline!

Shop smart
1. Plan and shop with menus in mind as this will be cheaper and prevent impulse buying.
2. Be ruthless with 'BOGOF offers; only buy them if you will use them that week.
3. Buy seasonal - it will taste better and generally be cheaper.

Cook less
1. Try not to buy ready meals, instead cook extra, and have some homemade sauces in the freezer for those days when you are pressed for time to cook.

Storage tips
1. Incorporate leftovers in your menus for the week, e.g. tomato sauce with pasta one day and the rest of the sauce can be drizzled over fish the next day.

Remember the most important point of all is to enjoy, respect and appreciate the food that you have spent your time and money on, in doing this you will have achieved at least one New Year's resolution!

For more tasty tips on cutting the cost of your food bill and making the most of your leftovers, visit www.lovefoodsurrey.com.