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March 27, 2011

The Chiddingfold Tipteerers
will again perform
The St Georges’ Day Play

Happily, it is getting more difficult not to notice the significance of the 23rd April.

There are now parades and festivities around the country to mark our patron saint’s day and to celebrate our nationality and Englishness. (We seem to be catching up with the Scots, Irish and Welsh in this respect!)

In Chiddingfold , we will see our Tipteerers perform the authentic local version of ‘The Wormley Worm’.

This play faithfully recounts the occasion when St George had to dash back from the Crusades to slay the dragon that was terrorising this village! (All true!)

Modern day, current ‘pagan’ ceremonies, recount the depredations caused by that terrible beast!

The historical thread is maintained from the Chiddingfold Pageant of 1922 which depicts the Wormley Worm.. (The ‘Dragon’ of folk lore!)

However much ‘tongue-in-cheek’ it may be, the play is performed with enthusiastic amateurism and colourful adornments.

A tune or two, and many other rousing tributes to Englishness, will be sung after this brief theatre to further entertain, and a pleasant time will be had by all!

All audience participation will be welcomed and indeed encouraged!

The performances will be at …………….

The Winterton Arms P.H on the feast day of St. George, Friday. 23rd April 2010, at 8pm,

And again

On Sunday 25th April 3pm on The Green, (as part of the Scout’s service), and at The Crown P.H. 5pm

See you there.

Not to worry if you missed us - we'll be there next Xmas,

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