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The Chiddingfold Tipteerers Reality Show!
Sunday 27th December 2009

The weather was good, fine and sunny in fact, as it always has been for our appearances; but we decided to perform indoors at the pubs anyway, it's so much more cosy!

This was to cause a problem as the crowds were so packed that there was a true danger of some of the 'play' swordfighting causing some audience injury!

Those of the cast whose task it is to intriduce the play, and to "cause room to be made for the fray", had their work cut out.

The Crown was buzzing, with plenty of people who had come to see us, plus many others who had an unexpected bonus to accompany their Sunday lunch!

We walked thro' the village to The Wint. and there we had to squeeze in through the door to get inside at all!

We've never seen the place so busy!

It was good to see that so many people came, not only to see the play, but to support the new licensee, Matt.

It's good to continue this tradition, and it's good fun to do so. The players all thought it was our most 'polished' performance yet, (it seems we might have remembered most of the lines!)

Not to worry if you missed us - we'll be there next Xmas, and the St George's Day Play will be done too! (nearest Sunday will be 25th April).

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