Chiddingfoldnews January 8, 2014

The St. Jude storm, also known as Cyclone Christian, and other names, was a severe European windstorm that hit Northwestern Europe on 27 and 28 October 2013 causing at least 17 deaths. Wikipedia,

Tree across Prestwick Lane
Tree across Prestwick Lane

View of tree was on Pristwick Lane   Branches and leaves of tree that fell down on Prestwick Lane
2 photos taken just before 3 pm   28 October 2013   Same place as above

A few days before Christmas 2013 wind and rain Storm warnings

Car going through water at Anstead Brook  Car going through water at Anstead Brook
Anstead Brook

Tree leaning across road  Tree leaning across road
Looking Away from Haslemere     Rodgate Lane B2131    Looking towards Haslemere

Pine  Tree laying down on to iron fence   Cricket pavilion with pine lieing down next to it
Chiddingfold Cricket Pavilion



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