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Tuesday 3 January 2012 Strong Winds Caused
Chaos Over Much of the Country

Bus hit by tree road closed at Witley

Just before 8.30 this morning Tuesday 3 January near Witley Church a tree fell just as the number 71 bus was passing
the driver was badly injured and taken by Air Ambulance to a hospital in London
The road was closed both ways with busses being diverted from Chiddingfold via Sandhills to Brook and on to Witley
The road was closed till past midday         BBC 

Damaged power lines in Chiddingfold

Fallen tree on road   Broken electric cables In a separate incident part of Woodside Road was also closed, between Queens Mead and the Catholic Church
A tree on the corner of the cricket pitch came down sometime in the morning pulling and stretching overhead electric cables
some of the cables came apart exposing the live conductors in the centres of the cables this happened in the drive of the house next to the Catholic Church
as dusk fell the electric company had still not arrived to turn off the power to make the area safe

cable across road vechiles doing cable repair including cherry picker


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