Chiddingfoldnews Jaanuary 25, 2013

Snow scenes in Chiddingfold 2013

The days leading up the snow of Friday 18 January 2013 there was lots of weather warnings
The night before Tescos in Guildford had run out of milk
Friday morning no early busses   that was before it started to snow   after 8 am

Snow scene Woodside Road near Catholic Church Snow scene Cricket Green and pavalon

Snow scene junction A283 top of village green Snow scene A283 Petworth Road

Snow scene Village Green with church in distance Snow scene road with parked cars

Snow scene  part of village green looking towards post office Snow scene  Bottom of village green looking towards The Crown Inn

Snow scene Coxcombe Lane Snow scene Ridgley Road

Chiddingfold Village Pond with ice and snow

360° view 341 KB       Snow scenes in Chiddingfold 2010

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