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2-bedroom house for rent in Queens Mead

The property available is a 2 bedroom house for rent of £129.63 per week - – please contact Ysella Sims of English Rural Housing Association (ERHA) on 020 7820 7930 for details
You must register with the local authority, Waverley Borough Council, as quickly as possible in order to bid.
The properties will be advertised on the Waverley Borough Council HomeChoice website and in their newsletter between 25th and 29th November 2015.
If you are interested you must apply for the property through the Choice Based Lettings scheme; ERHA will be more than happy to provide details to you on how to do this.
Applicants must be registered or start registering with Waverley Borough Council on their Housing Register; you can do this by calling 01483 523121.


English Rural Housing Association
Homes Built in Queens Mead
Story published June 10, 2008
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