Chiddingfoldnews November 23, 2011

November 3, 2012

To all our readers abroad
See you Next year
At the Bonfire

Those in Australia
and whoever in Maryland USA     and Everone Else

Weather looks to be fine with no rain but cold

September 24, 2012

Chiddingfold Bonfire 2012    Saturday 3rd November

Bonfire on Village Green with names of sponcers

 View of Bonfire with tripod

Chiddingfold Bonfire 2011   Saturday 5th November

Chiddingfold Bonfire 2010   Saturday 6 November 2010

Story went round Fernhurst on Bonfire Night 2011
that Chiddingfold had been canceled

Link to Official bonfire web site

If you are driving to the Chiddingfold Bonfire, please park at Witley station and use the bus service that will drop you off at the Catholic Church. Please pay the bus driver when boarding.
Individual tickets are available at 2 and family tickets at 5 for the return journey.

There will be no parking in the village under any circumstances. THERE WILL BE NO EXCEPTIONS. You will not be allowed through the road blocks under any circumstances so please do not beg with our volunteers on the road blocks. Please try to avoid driving through the village during the bonfire. It gets very busy and you will not be allowed to stop. The road blocks will be in force

Offical site parking details

Bonfire Raffle Ticket

Offical website timetable

bonfire building weeks before bonfire not finshed material around and fence

Guy outside Post Office bonfire nearly complete with no dumping sign

 Coxcombe Lane with Police no waiting signs Coxcombe Lane with Police no waiting signs

Rubish bin with sign about cars silouite of bonfire with warning sign

Burger rolls being delivered Thing being fixed before the night

Pig on spit

People at stall People at stall

Tourch pocesion in the dsark Tourch pocesion with the Crown Inn in background

Charity collectors with buckets Bonfire burning

Bonfire burning Bonfire burning

Bonfire burning Firework

Smoldering remains of bonfire on village green next day Smoldering remains of bonfire on village green next day with view of church

Village green with mud

 Rubish bags vechicle to take away rubish muddy green Back of vechicle to take away rubish

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