July 16, 2014 Chiddingfold news

Broadwater School supports Surrey Police's zero tolerance policy on drugs

Students arriving for lessons at Broadwater School yesterday (Thursday 10 July) were met by a team of officers from Surrey Police with a passive drugs dog. The officers were carrying out a joint operation with the co-operation of the head teacher Chris Lee and the school governors from the secondary school in Summers Road, Farncombe, to ensure that drugs were not being brought into school.
The operation comprised of uniformed officers from across Waverley, along with a passive drugs dog and members of school staff conducting bag searches.
Headteacher Chris Lee said: "I was pleased that none of our students were found in possession of drugs and that the message of zero tolerance was clearly getting through to them. As a school we take a zero tolerance approach on drugs and were very pleased to work with Surrey Police on this operation. We are likely to repeat the exercise in future to ensure our students are safe in school.”
A small number of students were found to be in possession of tobacco and lighters. Letters were also sent to the parents of all those students who were searched by police.
The local neighbourhood officer PC Terry Fry said: "This joint operation was a great success and the first of its kind in Surrey. I hope our presence in the school today sends out a strong message that Surrey Police and Broadwater School will not tolerate pupils coming to school with drugs.
"We are hoping that other schools and establishments will see the benefits of such operations and be willing to work with officers from Surrey Police in the future.”

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