Police investigating a series of shed / garage breaks

Police investigating a series of shed / garage breaks, which have occurred in the Witley / Chiddingfold areas over recent weeks.Made a breakthrough on the 28th July 2018, when a local man was arrested , after being caught acting suspiciously in the Petworth Road area of Wormley, near Culmer Lane. When this male was detained, he had, in his car, some property which are believe to be stolen. In fact, Police can confirm that some of the property in the car HAS been identified as being stolen from a shed in an isolated part of Chidd.
What is yet to identify, is the owner of the above two items of garden machinery, a John Deere R54RKB Petrol Lawnmower, and an ECKMAN Hedge Trimmer. Police believe that these items have been stolen from someone’s shed or garage, within the last couple of months, and would like to reunite them with their rightful owners.

If anyone has any questions, please contact . DC 335 Richard Pegden CID Guildford Office:
01483 630516
Mobile: 07880022408

John Deere R54RKB Petrol Lawnmower, John Deere R54RKB Petrol Lawnmower
ECKMAN Hedge Trimmer ECKMAN Hedge Trimmer

From Surrey Police Mon 27/08/2018, 14:42

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