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Deception Burglars,

Two young men knocked at the door and in this case said, ‘there was a water leak nearby, and they needed to come in and check the water supply’.
The lady let them in, one of which went to the cupboard below the sink and started removing the contents with the excuse that he was looking for the stop cock. While the lady’s attention was taken with this suspect, the other started towards the lounge (it is thought, to see if anything was worth stealing). The lady of the house was suspicious and asked them to leave, pushing them out of the door, shutting and locking it.
Luckily this situation turned out OK but these people have no scruples whatever,
the lady in question being 86 and in sheltered accommodation.

These are a few rules, you should follow to keep safe:

The Electricity, Water and Gas suppliers will be willing to verify a person who says he is from their company, do ring it to get an answer. If the person calling is genuine he will wait while you do this.


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