September 26, 2017

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RMF   canceled    Rudgwick Music Festival

Out door live music withen 7 miles of Chidd.

A message from our Chairman

It is with much regret that the organisers of the RMF must announce the winding up of the Rudgwick Music Festival. For some years we have been trying to recruit younger people to join in the organising of the event with a view to taking over but, unfortunately, this has not happened. We are now faced with two key members retiring and no one qualified to take their place. RMF 15
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The RMF was started in 1993 as a private garden party held annually and by 1997 it had grown in size so much that we had to find a larger venue and make it a public event. Since then organisers have enjoyed over 20 years of running a well attended and successful rock and blues festival and have raised around £100,000 for local charities. We would like to acknowledge the invaluable help provided by:-

  • The Rudgwick Scout Group in organising and controlling the car parking in their quiet and efficient way.
  • The Merchant Seamanís War Memorial Society for providing the wonderful venue for the auditorium, camping and car parking facilities at the Springbok Estate.
  • All the volunteers who have helped over the years erecting fencing, the stage, lighting, marquees and generally setting up the site and break everything down and clearing up after
          we couldnít have managed without them.
  • Last, but by no means least, the public who have turned up year after year. Thank you all for your support and for the kind, encouraging and complimentary comments that we have received from you.

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