Chiddingfoldnews December 5, 2013


The PPG is a small group of patients who actively seek to understand the problems of the patient community and provide feedback to both the Surgery and the Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) (which deals with wider NHS matters) in order to achieve improvement in the services provided by both the Surgery and the NHS.
The PPG covers both the Chiddingfold and Dunsfold surgeries and the term Surgery includes both surgeries.

Current PPG members are:


First we need to recruit a cross section of the community to serve on the PPG. If you would like to help to improve health services within our community please contact a member of the PPG. Currently this can be done either directly by approaching a PPG member, by visiting the Surgery and registering your interest (in which case a PPG member will contact you) or by e mailing your interest to
Our aim is to make the PPG fully representative of all ages groups, health categories and geographical areas within the Surgery's catchment district.
Next we need to hear your views - be they critical or complimentary so that we can provide input to the Surgery and the CCG to improve the services provided.

Of course suggestions will always be welcome as will be comments and complaints. Only by understanding the problems that cause the community concerns can we start addressing the solutions.

Finally please spread the word to your friends and neighbours so that we can develop an effective service for our community.

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