Chiddingfold Neighbourhood Plan

Chiddingfold Neighbourhood plan was adopted following a referendum held on 8th July 2021

  Number of Votes
Yes 615
No 61
Rejected 2

Electorate 2200
Ballot Papers issued 678
Turnout 31%

Chiddingfold Parish Council is preparing a Neighbourhood Development Plan.
The neighbourhood plan will allocate sites for housing development and contain development management policies.

Neighbourghood Plan Poster

What is Neighbourhood Planning?
Neighbourhood planning aims to help local communities play a direct role in planning the areas in which they live and work. A community can prepare a neighbourhood plan. This plan can show how the community wants land to be used and developed in its area.What is a neighbourhood area? A neighbourhood area can cover single streets


Hours of poll will be the normal hours of poll for all elections 7am -10pm.
As with other elections all eligible electors will receive poll cards, these are being despatched around 18 June.
Details regarding the deadline for registration, postal vote applications and proxy vote applications can all be found on our website on the Notice of Referendum Waverley Borough Council - Chiddingfold Neighbourhood Planning Referendum Thursday 8 July 2021 Poll cards will also detail the deadline dates for postal and proxy votes.

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