Mass Demo 14th Dec

Message from Richard Hogsflesh Chair Chiddingfold Parish Council

I have been asked by the Protect Our Waverley group to get this message from them around Chidd.

As you may know, on Tuesday last week Waverley issued their Officers Report on Dunsfold basically ignoring the objection of Surrey Highways to the proposal and recommending that Councillors approve the application.
It now goes to the Joint Planning Committee (JPC) on Wednesday 14th at 1830. We believe that it is likely to be approved .

However – we have been asked by friendly Councillors to do our best to help in advance of the meeting, as they believe that there are still quite a few on the Planning Committee that are open minded.

Reasons Against Housing at Dunsfold Airfield

Extract from   Protect Our Waverley website

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