Legendary Car Designer Gordon Murray Opens New Low-Volume Car Manufacturing Company at Dunsfold Park

Gordon Murray and McLaren F1 31 07 17
Gordon Murray and McLaren F1 31 07 17
Dunsfold Park was delighted to celebrate with Gordon Murray Automotive this month as the company formally opened its new research and development premises at the business park.

Gordon Murray Automotive forms part of a new corporate organisation for the engineering group, and is positioned as a sister company to Gordon Murray Design.

The new premises will be the base for the production of a new lightweight sports car. The new project marks the first model made by Gordon Murray Automotive under the firm’s IGM brand, and will feature some of the most advanced aerodynamics ever seen on a road car.
Built on the ‘superlight’™ version of Gordon Murray Design’s revolutionary iStream® architecture – a high-strength aluminium and carbon fibre monocoque incorporating Formula 1 technology – the car will set a new standard for efficiency in production of body-in-white manufacturing.
“The new manufacturing business significantly expands the capabilities of our group” says Gordon Murray, Chairman of Gordon Murray Design.
Legendary car designer Gordon Murray opened the new facility by celebrating 50 years of vehicle engineering with an invitation only exhibition called ‘One Formula’. The exhibition included more than 40 iconic and historically significant race and road cars from Gordon’s career. Highlights included Brabham and McLaren Formula 1 cars, McLaren supercars, lightweight concepts, one-off specials and radical city cars.
The exhibition provided an insight into how these iconic cars have shaped the modern automotive world, as well as the many cultural inspirations for Murray’s work over the decades with a display of his own personal collection of cars.
Jim McAllister, Chief Executive, Dunsfold Park comments: “It has been a pleasure to work with Gordon Murray Automotive and help them realise their ambitions of creating a new research and development site. The launch was a once in a lifetime celebration of Gordon Murray’s work and heralds the start of a new and exciting venture. The new premises are now over 50% let with some innovative and cutting edge businesses that are a welcome addition to the Park.”
For more information on Gordon Murray Automotive visit: http://oneformulagordonmurray.com/.
Press release by Dunsfold Park Limited Recived November 21 2017

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