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Surrey Hills: your place, your voice

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The Surrey Hills Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty is a nationally important landscape, something everyone living in the area should be justly proud of.
There has been a desire locally over many years for a review to decide whether areas adjacent to the existing Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty boundary should also be designated.
A formal boundary review is now underway led by Natural England, and we are keen to have your involvement.
It is very important that people who live in and around the Surrey Hills have the opportunity to participate in this review process. Your local knowledge is our starting point.
We hope that you and your community will participate and contribute to helping Natural England in the decision-making process

How to get involved

The first phase of the boundary review is to gather evidence about the natural beauty of the areas, currently outside of the AONB, that are under consideration. We have designed a website and a smartphone application that will help you gather this evidence
Please use the following link to access the website, where you will find all the information you need to help you participate in this process. Support page of the website provides links to a series of webinars which will take place in early December and early January providing an opportunity to find out more about the Boundary review and evidence gathering process. Please share this link with your community members.
If you or your community members would like a hard copy of the survey form these can be downloaded from the website or obtained by either emailing

Surrey Hills AONB Boundary Review
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