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November 23, 2023

Chiddingfold Bonfire Saturday 4th November 2023

Chiddingfold Bonfire (Charities) Association

It has been a wet couple of days (and weeks) leading up to Chiddingfold Bonfire and the rainy weather continued into the Saturday morning, but luckily cleared for a bit in the evening so that we could enjoy the torch procession from St. Mary’s School, the lighting of the bonfire and the start of the fireworks before the heavens really opened!
Many thanks to all the team at Phase One Fireworks and everyone involved with the fireworks – another great display this year.
With all the sales from the torches, people’s generous donations and selling of the mulled wine, we are able to give £50 vouchers to the elderly residents of the village. All the vouchers are redeemed back through local businesses in the village.    If you are eligible for the vouchers, live within the parish boundary and are over the age of 70, please use the contact form via the Chiddingfold Bonfire website to let us know.

As well as the vouchers,
we were able to distribute donations
to other organisations:

As ever, we are very grateful to all
the support from our sponsors.

-and to all our other supporters!

Without their generosity, less money would be available to distribute back into the village.
A massive thank you to everyone who donated in advance online and throughout the night.
Your donations make such a difference
and ensure that Chiddingfold Bonfire can continue for future years to come.
If you would like to make a donation anytime throughout the year
or become a sponsor for 2024, please have a look at our website for details. 

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Road Closures, Diversions, Park & Ride and Events on the day.

It is NOT possible to let cars through into the closed area after the road blocks are in place and cars should not park in these areas. The only exceptions are for disabled access proving you have requested a place beforehand.

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